Purchase Order Process and Terms

Purchase Orders payment terms are NET 30 due on last business day before maturity.

esouk accepts purchase orders from the following entities:

  • The Federal Government
  • State and Local Governments
  • Military and Military Suport Agencies
  • Educational Institutions - Private and Public Schools - Childcare Development Centers - Colleges - Universities - Vocational Institutions - and Online Academies
  • Health Departments - Public and Private Hospitals - Clinics - Children Hospitals - Outpatient Diagnostic - Medical and Surgical Centers
  • Local and Federal Law Enforcement Departments
  • Corporate America

In order to enroll in our PO Program, please allow us to serve your needs by following these steps:

  • Submit your PO request by applying online at contact or email to po@esouk.us

  • An esouk Sales Representative will contact you and work with you to identify your needs

  • You'll be issued an agreement docket with a number that you'll include in your PO

All purchase orders must be typed or computer generated and must be signed by an officer authorized to issue a PO.

When ordering, Include in your PO:

  • Your PO number along esouk agreement Docket number
  • Your Billing Address with email and phone number
  • Order Shipping Address with email and phone number
  • Signature of authorizing party
  • If applicable, Itemized agreement cost

Government and other Tax exempt entities:

Sales tax does not apply to purchases made by the United States Government and Tax exempt entities. Please include the following with your order:

  • Federal tax ID certificate
  • Certificate of exempt status
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